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Dear Reader

We like to present to you the following campaigns about common goals of all vaishnava sampradayas.

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Dear Friends

The well-wishers of humanity are the teachers of correct behavior to all. They are known in Bharat India as Acaryas - those who teach by example.

Modern people know little about such Teachers of Dharma and rather learn their style of behavior from movies and advertisements.

The Devotees of the Supreme Lord, known as Vaisnava Acaryas, have dedicated their life to uplifting humanity and are presenting to humanity the principles of Dharma for humanities own benefit.

Please help them spread these messages, which will make us aware of our tasks to change and to be happy, and make others happy as well. That is the message of the books of wisdom - the vedas:

"sarve sukhenu bavantu"

Our main goals are:

Encourage people to live the ahimsa vegetarian lifestyle and not to kill cows:
Go Veg

Raise the awareness that all children have a right to live:
stop abortion

Recycle, plant trees, don't litter plastic, don't poison the soil and water with chemicals etc.:
green bharata

Encourage people to stop blindly following the western lifestyle:
protect values

Get our people to reevaluate the values of their traditional dharma teaching:

About the suicide:
no suicide

This campaigns are open for all to participate in. You are free to use all posters and distribute them in any way possible.

Omi posters can be collected and copied, e-mailed, and enlarged for big school exhibits and the like.

If all ashramas take them to their congregation, the whole world will receive these awakening calls.

Please Participate!
Our principle is:
Copy and Paste as much as possible.
Omi is the spokesperson for those campaigns. She comes from the 'Original Kingdom' which is encouraging you to make your house a meat, fish and egg free zone. Read more at

So you are welcome to join all the people who want to help this world to be healthier and more compassionate.
Please contribute with more ideas.
Send us comments, new omi messages or anything else that could help our common cause.

(For contact, please use the email-address on the particular website!)